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The Municipality of Georgioupolis, is indeed one from the more popular tourist destinations in Crete. Georgioupolis is found in the North-western coast of island, in the gulf of Almiros River and in the coast that crosses the gulf, between vines, olive groves and forests.
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At georgioupolis, the visitor finds all the geomorphologic characteristics of island, assembled in a small region: Mountain and plain, river, lake and sea, wild nature and cultivable ground.
Landscapes of absolut beauty, settlements that maintain the traditional element, but also built-up areas with cosmopolitan atmosphere, good night life, modern hotel units with services of high quality, and possibility of easy access in each point of Western Crete via the motorway that links the big cities of island.
At Georgioupolis, each summertime, most of the total ammount of permanent residents, devote to the service of visitors: the famous Cretan Hospitality, finds here her absolute transubstantiation. This, is only one from the reasons where thousands people, all over the world, are coming back to us each year, full of nostalgia. Because, the first word that it means for us hospitality, is the word Friendship ….


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Airport: 40 km
Port (Rethymno): 12 km
Port (Chania): 32 km
City (Rethymno): 12 km
City (Chania): 35 km
Hospital: 15 km


Beach of Georgioupolis …
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Length of 6 km beach of Georgioupolis and Koyrna’s, that is extended up to the neighbouring prefecture of Rethimnon, constitutes pole of attracting of thousands of visitors, Greeks and foreigners, that each summertime submerge its golden sandy beach.
Organised with salvage towers, chemical toilets, garages that attend for its cleanness, services for softly sea sports. A beach of colours and cheerful challenges: from the sunrise, blackened bodies are glad of hot Mediterranean helium, to the sunset, lonely couples and companies enjoy and relax with the fading of the sea in the horizon and at night, younger people spent their time dancing in some from the canteens of beach, while older people rest in the peacefulness of veranda, in someone of the big or small hotels of plain.


Google Map: Aquamarbeach …
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